Nigeria @53: DUMB, DOOMED!

Dumb, Doomed

Would you because I am your father
Fail to tell me my scrotum is exposed
To the menacing gaze of scorn?

Would you because I give you shelter
In my homestead
Applaud my abuse of your daughter
While you hail me in suppressed adoration?

I am dazed by the mutable cowardice
And hypocrisy of my race
Our air is fouled and smelly
And you brag of its fragrance?
What porridge is so deliciously sweet
That you trade the beat of your conscience?

If this is the best of men
I curse my manhood for it’s potency
Even in the fantasy of mediocrity

My heart is heavy, my senses blurred
For the open silence of my people
All blinded to this veil of mediocrity Continue reading